Ora Aylene J. Lawrence Barrick

Ora Aylene J. Lawrence-Barrick was a widow who resided by herself in a small cabin off an isolated gravel road in Mammoth, Kentucky for 15 years prior to her disappearance. Aylene was last seen walking her dog on Laurel Ridge Rd on April the 12th 1996. She spoke to a neighbors son who was staying… Continue reading Ora Aylene J. Lawrence Barrick


Episode 4: Crystal Branham Hall

Crystal Branham-Hall, 24,  had been staying at her sisters’ apartment at 108 Kentucky Avenue in downtown Pikeville, Ky. On the night of March 1, 2009, she was on the telephone chatting with a friend when she told them that someone was at the back door. That was the last time anyone spoke with her. Unsolved Appalachia… Continue reading Episode 4: Crystal Branham Hall


Episode 1 Part 1: Michael Jefferson Adams

Personal Information: Name: Michael Jefferson Adams Missing: 6/8/87 Missing From: Abilene, Texas Born: 3/28/1969 Race and Gender: Caucasian Male Parents: Howard Lee Adams, Barbara Jean Adams (Stepmom) (Stepmom deceased) Michael's natural mother was Georgia Lee Hrazdil-Adams who died when Michael was 7. Height and Weight: Around 6'1, Around 150 lbs Hair and Eyes: Blonde Hair,… Continue reading Episode 1 Part 1: Michael Jefferson Adams